Volunteers Needed

Join the Frederick Scanner Team!

Are you passionate about public safety and have a keen interest in Police/Fire scanning?
Frederick Scanner needs you!

We are seeking enthusiastic volunteers to help update fire, rescue, and police incidents in Frederick, Maryland. This role is perfect for those who are already familiar with scanner technology or are eager to learn.

What You’ll Do:
– Monitor scanner frequencies.
– Update our platform with real-time information on fire, rescue, and police activities.
– Help keep the community informed and safe.

Who We’re Looking For:
– Responsible individuals with an interest in scanning and public safety.
– Reliable and detail-oriented people.
– Anyone with spare time to dedicate to this important cause.

What We Offer:
– Flexible volunteering hours – contribute whenever you can!
– An opportunity to be part of a community-focused initiative.
– A chance to gain experience in public safety communication.

* No set hours are required – your contributions, whenever possible, are greatly valued. *

Join us in making a difference in the Frederick, Maryland community. If you’re interested, please contact us to learn more about how you can help. Still unsure? Well, take a minute to read about the origin of the Frederick Scanner and maybe that will better explain its purpose.

Are you ready? Contact Pete to get involved!

Your effort can have a significant impact on keeping our community safe and informed. Be a part of something meaningful with The Frederick Scanner.