Are you out and about the City/County of Frederick Maryland often? Do you like to report current news from your smartphone? The Frederick Scanner is looking for a few Fredreporters armed with a camera phone and email to report any newsworthy events/emergencies happening in Frederick. Its a volunteer job and the pay is the rewarding feeling that you get when you provide the Frederick Twitterers and Facebookers with LIVE news. It’s really simple… If you see a newsworthy event, snap a pic, type a brief description and email it in. We’ll immediately process and tweet/facebook it. If you are interested please contact Pete. The only time you would actually do this is if you happen to be at the right place at the right time. If you sign up and never have a story, no problem. The goal here is to arm some Frederick residents with the ability to broadcast news if something does happen. Still unsure? Well, take a minute to read the origin of the Frederick Scanner and maybe that will better explain its purpose.